Why Chiropractic?

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Chiropractic care works by helping your nervous system work better. It's a fact that

your brain, spinal cord and the rest of your nerves control every aspect of your health.

There are trillions of messages between your body and your brain that happen

everyday. Those messages are what control and regulate your body, including healing.

Any areas of your spine that are not working properly can create bottlenecks in your

nervous system that limit nerve communication and ultimately lead to poor health.

These problem areas of the spine that become misaligned or have restricted motion are


The medical approach is to put chemicals into your body hoping to force it to do what

it should normally do on it's own. This is often only a temporary fix with likely

dangerous side effects that can ultimately lead to further problems later in life.

Instead, chiropractic care removes the interference and works with the natural wisdom

of your body to restore and maintain health.

The human body is a self healing organism that has a built in ability to repair and

maintain itself called INNATE INTELLIGENCE. It can do this as long as it is not

interfered with. Regardless of your genetic make up, your body will always work to heal

itself and your nervous system is what controls the process. No matter what disease

or health concerns you may have, or have had, your body is always better off with a

good nerve supply and everyone benefits from chiropractic care.

So how do subluxations happen?

Interference to the body and nervous system happens when your body is exposed to

different stresses. All stressors can be basically broken down into one of three

different catergories.

PHYSICAL STRESS: Most people can identify with physical stress. It can be caused by

acute injuries like falls, car accidents, sports injuries or even from being born! Physical

stress can also be caused by repetative motions like those we do at work or play.

Lastly, physical stress can be caused by poor postural positions. Some examples would

be desks or work stations, old mattresses or driving/sitting for long periods of time.

CHEMICAL STRESS: Most people can remember a time when they either ate something

bad or were exposed to something and felt poorly afterwards. This is an example of a

physical reaction to a chemical stress. These stressors can include: Poor diets

(including fast food, processed food and food addatives), alcohol and cigarette

exposure, pollution, drugs(social, prescription and OTC) and other toxicity. Besides the

obvious damage, our bodies can have physical reactions to the chemical stress that

aggrevate or even cause spinal subluxation.

EMOTIONAL STRESS: Like chemical stress, emotions create physical reactions in our

bodies. Often times we don't even realize they are happening. Stress, fear, anger,

worry, frustration and other emotions are linked to negative pathways in our bodies.

These stressors can limit function and cause physical reactions that either cause or

aggrevate spinal subluxations. The good news is that positive emotions have the

reverse effect and can actually improve function and healing. 

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So why does our society have so many health issues?

Because we expose ourselves to these stressors constantly everyday. Also because

most people do the minimum to maintain health and take drugs when symptoms or

disaease occur. Unless you take action steps to improve health and avoid stressors,

health will continue to deteriate. Subluxations will worsen and the need for care will

increase as our bodies degenerate.

Most people believe that "good health is feeling good", that's a nice idea but it isn't

true. Health is defined as a state of optimal physical, mental and social wellbeing, not

just the absence of disease. Thousands of Americans die of heart attacks, cancer and

other diseases every year without any prior indicators or symptoms. Symptoms are a

poor judge of how healthy you are.

Health is a process that comes from within. Health is determined mostly by what you

do to make yourself healthy, not by luck or genetics. Research shows that 80-90% of

all disease is caused by lifestyle choices.

We have found that there are four basic elements in every persons life that must be

addressed in order to have optimal health. Improvement of your life habits in these five

areas will improve health. Likewise, poor habits in any of the five will lessen health.

The four areas or factors are:

1) Nervous System free of interference(chiropractic care)

2) Diet and Nutrition

3) Exercise

4) Emotional State or stress levels

Chiropractic care is a part of a different approach to health where we increase

function and increase health in order to overcome and prevent disease, rather than

wait till disease happens and treat it symptomatically. Our doctors of chiropractic can

help get you and your body on a path back to health.

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